so last friday night we are at the lake and everything runs perfect. Saturday afternoon we get some gas in the boat and head back up for the afternoon. Starts fine, idles , wide open throttle all just perfect for 10 min or so. Put the boat in gear after being stopped for a few minutes and it dies. Starts right back up and we start surfing. A minute or two into the surf at 9-10 mph the engine just dies again. For the next hour the engine keeps randomly killing, sometimes while surfing, sometimes while in idle and sometimes while just sitting there in neutral. I look at everything in the engine to see if there is a loose wire or something but can't find anything. I checked the oil level and it is good. The oil pressure gauge reads 40 at idle and 60 while going. We head back in to the dock at full speed and idle around waiting for the trailer and it runs ok..

I spend the last couple of days trying to read up on possible things to check and I come up with things like bad gas, dirty fuel filter, bad fuel pump, oil pressure valve,etc.

Decide to run up to the lake tonight to run it around hoping it was a fluke but get the exact same symptoms and then some strange things happened. Going back to the dock I have it at about 30 mph and I realize that every time i turn left the fuel gauge drops to empty and the engine dies (doesn't really die but the rpm just drop back down to 800. I can turn right without loosing and power, it only happens turning left. When the rpms dropped I would also see the Moomba Cruise light flicker on for a second and then go back out. I would also see the rpm gauge bounce a round a little up and down when I hit some wakes at high speed.

Sorry that is a lot of info that probably doesn't make a lot of sense but any thoughts would be great. It is a 2007 Indmar 325 hp engine with 165 hrs on it. I figure i should probably drain the gas in case it is bad, change the fuel filter, possibly the fuel pump. I am not really that mechanically inclined but can do a few things. Anything big I would have to have the dealer do. Thanks guys.