We have a 3 stall garage. One double stall which is shorter and a single stall that is a bit longer. When I mentioned the width before as being an issue, I was only thinking about the 3rd single stall which is currently empty. I forgot that the Mondo will fit in all 3 stalls as it is shorter so the width won't be an issue with the double stall. Sorry, I forgot about that before I sent my last post. I was initially getting too excited about the Mojo possibility and too focused on that.

Yes I am married and I think the Mondo will just be an easier boat to deal with taking into consideration backing it into the garage and storage. I don't want a tight fit and have the kids banging into it all the time either. I am thinking that it will only be in the garage during the boating season and then will be stored elsewhere during the winter. If there seems to be a way to store it in the garage during the winter, we may do that also but we will have to see.

After taking all of these things into consideration, I think the Mojo is out of the question.

Once again, thanks everyone for all of the feedback.