I've been perusing for a new board lately, finally uprading after 7 years on my CWB Ride. I honestly felt it was holding me back, as I've mentioned in other posts before. It's a great board to learn on and I can still spin it okay, just seems bulky and long.

I ran across a thread about Triple X boards on another forum, and I've never even heard of them. I started googling it and found their website, as well as their listings on ebay (direct from Triple X). After reading some good comments about them, I decided why not if I could get a good deal on one. I submitted a "best offer" on ebay for one and negotiated what I think is a really great price for a board of this type.

Got it in two days ago. Great packaging, and they aren't even trying to hide that it's made in China lol. Once I unwrapped it all, it's really a very attractive board. Nice bamboo look and minimal graphics. Plus orange trim to match the boat!

Rode it yesterday. I don't have much to compare it to since I haven't ridden any other board in a few years other than my ride, but from what I remember from the couple of LF boards I rode in the past I wasn't too crazy about them...then again, I wasn't nearly as good back then as I am now so maybe I just couldn't tell much of a difference.

This board felt so light and quick, spun easily, popped off the wake well on airs, and was pretty fast. I got the Comp X 58" because I'm 220lbs, and it's for 190lbs and up. I only got to ride for about 20 minutes because the kids had to get back in to go to bed, but I think it was an excellent purchase!

So if you think you're being held back by your beginner/intermediate board (and you're no longer a beginner), then you probably are! Also, if you're looking for a very reasonably priced "higher end" board, I would suggest checking these guys out. I'd like to try some other "higher end" boards to compare, but unfortunately I don't know a whole lot of other wakesurfers around me to try their boards! Triple X is out of Florida, and I assume import everything from China and sell direct. They have a few models, as well as other board sports. Too bad I just bought SUPs last weekend for the wife and I, or else I may have tried theirs!