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    When I saw the title for this thread, I thought you had forgot your drain plug or something really silly.

    I've never done that or anything...
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadjitsu1 View Post
    Why is there not a shutoff on the freshwater intake from the factory? in my panic i really noticed that there is no way to shut the water off if anything would happen. Should I install a bronze shutoff valve?
    I gree, there should be a shut off at the intake. As it is, if you rupture a hose that is below the water line, there is no way to stop the water from coming in. I guess you can disconnect the hose and have someone put their hand on the fitting to block the water flow while you are being towed back to the dock.

    All my hoses are still original and I have about 325 hours now on my '06. I guess my time is coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cab13367 View Post
    I gree, there should be a shut off at the intake.
    I believe it may be required now, maybe wrong. But do know new ones have a main water intake shut off.

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