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    Default 15% Discount on all orders over $30 to Moomba forum members!

    Hey everyone,

    I just finished my first bottle of BoatBling Hot Sauce, and must say it is over and above the best spray wax / cleaner that I’ve found. I figured I’d share my good experience and reach out to the company to see if we could get a discount for forum members, and they were happy to oblige!

    Use coupon code MOOMBA2013 to receive 15% off on your order over $30.

    Remember, I have a black boat, so wipedown procedures are very high on my list of boating priorities – the benefits I’ve found with HotSauce as compared to competitors;

    • It is the best cleaner wax that I’ve found to remove dried water spots – spray on, wipe off. I found this to remove hard spots with no effort – Babes required a few passes for the same result
    • It is not a dust magnet - as noted by others, Performance Boat Candy is a great product, but it seems to attract dust – I found this especially true when towing. Yes, I’m a crazy person that will wipe down my boat both before and after I launch
    • It is a wax, so it protects the boat – I used to use diluted vinegar to remove water spots, then wax the boat, which was a long process. Having a cleaner and wax in one makes life better!

    I haven’t tried their other products yet, but I am placing an order for one of everything

    Note: I am not at all affiliated with BoatBling, I just found their Hot Sauce to be an excellent product and wanted to promote it to everyone!
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