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    Default Surfing a D-drive video

    Beginning of the summer we got our first inboard boat. I have been on this forum asking multiple questions related to surfing. I appreciate all of the help along the way. I have attached a video of surfing behind a d-drive. I went with (2) 400lbs fat sacks that i line up on the surf side. 2(260) fat sacks, one under the back hatch, (i believe is the ski locker) and the other sits in the surf side front seat. I was advised for beginners to get a long board, i went with a ronex that i bought on for $100 (wish i would have gotten a nicer one)

    <embed width="440" height="420" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src=""><br><font size="1"><a href="">Original Video</a></font>

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    Try posting a link to your video next time - the embed option on the forum doesn't like standard HTML tags.

    Hey - gotta start somewhere! You'll probably outgrow your first board your first season and start adding more to the collection. It happens... Same can be said of ballast, stereo gear, LEDs,,,
    The years have been kind, it's the weekends that have done the damage.

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