Hello- I was initially focusing on 2 Rock Fosgate M282 ( 8") Tower Speaks, and 4 M282 (8") speaks for inside the boat using a RF T600 Car Amp (located in area that is not exposed to water). I wasn't going to put a sub because I would need another amp (the RF guy told me I could run all 6 speakers mentioned above on the T600 amp?). Well, my friend just changed his system and has some stuff for sale- 10" Kicker Marine Woofer, Kicker 550.3 amp w/ remote bass level dial, Kicker 350.4 amp and Samson 720's with Focal Speakers. All are about 4-5 years old but have been out of his boat for 2-3 years..

Question- depending on the price, would I be able to pair the 10" sub with one of the amps and do it justice? Somehow, I just don't like the look of the 720's and am really looking forward to the RF Towers..

Thanks for your time!