I reached out to SeaDek inquiring on the pad that Ian got and installed on his 2013 OBV (see pics below). They want $150 as a custom cutout which I thought was a bit steep, but they tell me we can get it for $85 + shipping if we get 5 or more buyers. The only caveat is that they all have to be the same color combo -- I was going to opt for the Gray / Black combo to match the pad on the swim platform, but I would be open to other ideas.

I know the pad will fit at least the 2013 OBV (because that is what Ian has), but not sure about other models. I have also attached the exact specs (see attached PDF) on the size so others can determine if it will also fit other Moomba models.

If you would like to look at all the colors, other info on the product, etc., see their website at seadek.com.

Let me know if others are interested.

pad.jpgpad installed.jpg