Good morning all. I recently bought a 2003 Outback (direct drive) and was looking into the possibility
of changing/upgrading my wake plate to change the shape of my wake for my kids to ride. I have seen some threads about the Bennett X-22 that seem helpful in nature. Has anyone made this change and if so, how did it go. I don't have a fear of drilling into my hull as I have had ocean boats for about 20yrs. and have done countless modifications to the hulls.

Although a novice to the wake/surf scene, I am all in. My family loves the sport and even more the Moomba. I plan to make several creature upgrades over the upcoming winter and this would be one if I can get some feedback that it is worth it. I will also be upgrading the non-present ballast system to help out.

Thanks in advance for all your help and kind advice. Have a great day.