Can someone tell me what size socket/nut is used to secure the stainless handrails that come on the bow of the LSV? One of mine is loose AGAIN and this time it is out if warranty so I will have to see if I can fix it myself. I don't even understand how it got loose. I don't tie off to it and no one even holds onto it. It hasn't fallen off this time like it did last time so I'm trying to catch it before it does. It apparently took the dealer a full 8 hours to fix it last time and try had to take off the cushions and everything to get to it. I'd like to try an extended socket and hopefully I'll be able to fix it up. I swear I have had more problems with nuts and washers falling off and things getting loose. You'd think for a 50+K boat you wouldn't have these kinda of problems...irritating. I mean does the factory not use locktite or something like that to prevent these things from coming loose?? I have ha this problem with the nuts for the cleats and these handrails. Anyone else have this problem? Also my rear locker's hydraulic arms (cant think of actual name) also come off frequently. Easy fix but still irritating. These are the only complaints I have about my boat. Things could be worse but it's all part of the fit and finish and to me this kind of stuff shouldn't be happening on these boats.

/End Rant

But yeah, so does anyone know the size socket I need?

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