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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianinpdx View Post
    Kane - I really appreciate this story and photo. I just had a meeting with my CSR's yesterday talking about what their actions mean. It's easy to get Ivory tower syndrome. In fact, Mandley was kind enough to take our college intern on the water for the day and really show her what all this stuff is about. Super thanks for the support.

    And as for me, you all know I've a special place for the moomba community. Your a great bunch of people. As I write this, my body is beat up from all the water time this year. I'm resting up for a few days and then its off to the TEXAS JAM. It will be fun see you all again.
    shes a cute girl too..i think i have to intern with yall so i can ride a real surf wave on mikes boat haha..and of course work with brian haha
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    Like i have always said, Exile is the Best all around package.

    I have been running Exile since day 1 when me and Brian met, I was running the first Harpoons made, and then upgrade to his new stuff each year.

    I am always open to emails, or text me for any issue with an Exile product you have. I am local so its real easy to walk in the shop and not be put on hold with a phone call LOL.

    I am always always willing to take people out that are in the area, I try to get the Exile crew out every other week so they always know why we love the Exile brand so much.

    If Brian and Exile wasn't legit i wouldn't have spend the 10s of thousands on speakers and amps i have spent over the last 4 seasons.
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