Ran boat today and stopped to inflate a tube. Plugged my pump into the 12V by the ignition and there was a short in my pump that caused the plug to smoke, so yanked it out of the 12V, but it was too late. Went to start the boat and the boat wont crank. Could turn the ignition switch to Run, but when turn to Start it wouldn't engage the starter. Tried it a couple times and then the ignition switch failed, key now turns in a complete circle and it's stuck in the Run position (all gauges on and perfect pass beeps).

Tried hotwiring the switch to see if it was just a switch failure and it wont engage the starter when touching a jump wire to the power or the ground.

Tried jiggling the throttle to make sure it was in neutral, no dice there either.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot from here?