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    Default Fuel transfer on the dock

    What's the best method of fuel transfer that you have come up with for docked boats? We don't have a marina on our lake and it stays on the lift all summer so filling it up really becomes an issue for me. 5 gallon cans and a funnel leaves my beach looking like the Exxon Valdez just ran aground and I gave up on that immediately.

    I picked up a 15 gallon gas caddy with wheels that came with a siphon pump hose but it still took 15+ minutes to transfer. More recently, I picked up a 1" super jiggler siphon pump and attached it to an 8 foot hose and can now dump 15 gallons in 2 minutes without spilling a drop! In order to get the siphon pump flowing I have to keep a large cinder block on the dock to lay it on since my dock is already up as high as it can go.

    I use the same gas caddy, I just removed the handheld pump and stick the siphon pump in the hole that you fill it up with. It's a tight fit trying to get the 1'' pump in the can, but it does work. I had to trim back some of the extra plastic molding around the lip of the gas caddy though and clean out the shavings when they fell in the can. I also had to attach the hose to the pump with zip ties, since a metal clamp sticks out to far to allow you to put the pump in the can.

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    Yep, the little siphon hose with the check ball and five gallon cans, easy and quick
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    I use VP fuel cans. Technically i dont think they are legal gas cans because they have the external fuel vent. But it has a 3/4 or 1 inch hose on it that empties pretty quick. My boat sits highe than the dock so i cant siphon with putting the can on the vinyl

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    Default Re: Fuel transfer on the dock

    A 50 gallon barrel and a reversible pump..

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    30 gallon drum and this

    I can drain 30 gallons in less than 10 mins.
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    Automotive fuel pump with hoses on both ends and a cord to the 12 volt source.
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