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    I'm replacing mine right now and am stuck at line 15......15. Use the pry bar to remove the trailing arm from the axle. (NOTE: This is a lot of work and you might have to keep using the pry bar to increase the trailing arm gap. Also, check your jack stands periodically since the trailer will probably move during this operation.)

    Did you just use a pry-bar and hammer on this? Worked on taking the first/bad side arm off today for probably an hour and made virtually no progress aside from torn up hands. Any other ideas on getting these things off? Have sprayed with WD40 as well but getting nowhere...Hoping that putting arms back on the new axle is not nearly as bad as getting them off....Any thoughts or help would definitely be appreciated.

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    I would think you could remove the disk and use a bearing puller and it should come right off. Yes you should spread the gap as well.
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    Great post here, thank you very much.

    I am trying to find a replacement axle for my 2007 moomba LSV Boatmate trailer.

    Do you have a Part number for this single Axle?

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