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    I was looking at the fat sac 750 and its quite a bit longer (50" vs 36") than the length of the rear locker -- does it mold pretty well to the locker size or would that really put too much pressure on the sides when near full? Or maybe i should be looking at a different sac with different dimensions?
    Hey there Mike, I just received and installed my 750 pound fat sac this weekend (from wakemakers - I got the 750 fly high 50x20x20) and it fits perfect (even seems to have room to spare)!! I can't comment on how big a difference it makes for the wake yet as I had 3 guys in the boat that weighed 250-350 pounds each so the wake was insane! I think the upgrade on it's own will make a big difference. The install of the upgraded sac literally took me under 1 minute! I've just brought the old sac home that was previously in there and will take off the glued in fittings and use it placed somewhere else on the boat. I'll play around to see what works best. Any recommendations on where I should put the sac I just took out??? I've only upgraded one side for now but after seeing how easy it was to setup , I'm sure I'll be replacing the other side as well, then I'll have 2 extra sacs to play around with ... ) Any tips on where to place extra sacs appreciated, as I've got the same boat... Good Luck Mike, and definitely get the upgraded sacs for the back!! I'll take a pic next weekend and post the wake I get with the upgrade... My wife can surf with the factory sac, but it's not enough to get my butt surfing without the rope (5'10 200 pounds). It may be the board we're using too??

    We've been surfing with full surf side, full middle and wake plate all the way down and going 11mph and have been impressed with factury wake... Even better now with upgrade! Maybe I need to adjust speed down and change wake plate??
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