So headed up to the lake finally in my newly acquired 06 lsv. Had it in the shop for the last 2 week getting all the fluids changed and a fully annual done. It has only 40 hrs on it and was in need of new fluids. Had the upholstery fixed and a new bench made.. Loaded the kids into the car and headed to the lake all ready to go.

I got there and went to start her up and nothing battery was dead.. Wrote it off to something was left on while it was in the shop. Not happy bought a new one at the marina it with a june date on it.. Dropped it in and fired right up..

On our way after an extra hour or so at the dock.. Did some tubing and skiing had a great time for a few hours. Then I was getting ready to fire her back up for another tube run with my youngest and nothing. Battery was low again. It clicked but would not turn over. The Volt read about 10.

Ended up flagging down another boat and got a jump, Volts went back up to 16 or so and it ran like a champ back to the dock.

It's in dry dock about an hour from my house. Now I am wondering what is up and if I need to take some steps in case this happens again when I go back up next weekend. I have 3 little ones under 9 and having them wait around with a down boat is not what I would call a fun day.

BTW I am not running a stereo or anything else on the boat just starting her up 8-10 times before it died on me.

What do you think? Also when I store her I disconnect the battery so nothing should be draining it while in dry dock.

Thanks for your ideas.. I plan on heading up again this weekend but want to make sure we get out and don't have this issue again..