Last night we finally got a pair of fat sacs set up in our Moomba Kamberra. Each weighs 260, fully filled. I put one back in the engine compartment, and one over in the walkway. I then loaded the surf side with everyone in the boat, estimated 450 lbs.

Now since unfortunately, I don't own the boat (my dad does), I can't do whatever I feel like to it. I was planning on trying to get 1,200-1,400 lbs of water in there. However he was against that due to the extra stress on the motor. Initially, I was frustrated, but decided to go with the 520 lbs regardless.

When we got going, the wake kept washing out, and the motor did not sound the best. Tried to get the driver to go a little faster to generate a wake, but..... the engine overheated and died on us.

Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Any suggestions on what to do to prevent this with a 00' Kamberra? Has anyone ever experienced issues with the swim platform creating extra drag or washing out the wake? Any advice is appreciated.