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    Default Don't Throw Out Your Old SubWoofer/Speaker

    I cut the subwoofer housing part off of the magnet using a sawzall and then used a grinder to smooth the metal off.

    I then inserted an eye hook with big fender washers on both ends and red thread lock on the end.

    I plan on attaching a rope to it and use it to retrieve things off the bottom, or hold tools, etc on the work bench.

    Just a thought to recycle what you may just be discarding as something useful.


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    Default Don't Throw Out Your Old SubWoofer/Speaker

    I like it!!! Great idea. Let us know if you ever retrieve something of value of the bottom...
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    We use them to pick up nails/screws in or around a new home/shop that we were building. No one likes contractors that leave their garbage all over the yard for someone to step on or have to clean up afterwards. Same thing you've done, eye bolt with a rope on it and drag it around through the sand and dirt.
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