The last few times we've been out I've had some problems with the ballast timers. I have the rears set to 11 mins and the front set to 930. The front pump fills both the center and the IBS.

The problem that I am having is I can fill up all the bags that I need to fine and the levels will reach whatever they need to be whether it be 100% 75% or whatever. We'll surf or whatever and then when I look at the fill levels they'll be registering much less than they were previously and no water has been drained and the pumps haven't been on. Yesterday for example the left pump was 92% the front was about 66% and the right was 36%. Went to drain them and the right pump drained fine but half way through the front and left stopped and registered 0% when there was easily 50-75% still left in the bags. I had to drain them (1100 and 400#s) in 30 sec increments. Has anyone ever had this problem before or know of a resolution?