Love seeing all the pictures of everyone having fun and enjoying what we love to do.

I have a question and don't want to upset anyone but I see quite a few pictures of kids on this site enjoying wakeboarding and doing very well at it.

My question is this - as a pure slalom skier and barefooter (nothing else) I wonder why some kids aren't wearing helmets when wakeboarding?

My 15 year old daughter slalom ski's, barefoots, and wakeboards amoung all the other silly things she likes to do out on the water. But I ALWAYS make her wear a helmet when she is wakeboarding! Reason is simple. Friends bro is a doctor and said kids heads will hit the water WAY harder falling on a wakeboard than any other instrument or toy we use on the water purely based on simple fact of catching an edge and body positioning when the slam happens.

I wonder why some of you say it's ok or why you're ok without using a lid until they get good?

My daughter fought me once on wearing it and on the very next ride bit it hard and was crying when we came back to pick her up. She has NEVER argued since that day.

Just looking for some response and feedback is all? Please remember I'm NOT pointing fingers here at anyone or saying I'm right! Just looking for response!