I already know the answer to this question, but I'm trying to load more bullets into my gun for the discussion with my buddy who just picked up an 18ft FourWinns I/O and wants to surf it. I don't think he could load it up enough to actually surf it, but, I have a feeling he will try. I assure you that I've explained to him how bad of an idea this actually is.

The only thing he has going in his favor is that his swim platform is very large and completely covers and possibly extends a few inches past the lower unit. He's certain that nothing bad can actually come from this and I haven't surfed enough to know if you could fall forward under the deck in a strange scenario. I could foresee if the driver stopped or slowed suddenly and the rider falling forward.

I've offered to pull him, but he's on a neighboring lake and would likely would still try it. Got any other suggestions?