i have an '08 gravity games xlv with gravity 3 stock system. center bag fills fine, but won't drain. pump is definitely energized when i hit the empty toggle. i disconnected the drain hose at the exhaust port of the drain pump and hit the empty toggle and demonstrated that pump is impeller is fine (shot water into the storage locker).

I figured the drain hose might be kinked between the pump and the drain port on the front starboard side just below the rub rail. Attempted to trace the hose from the pump and found that it was routed under the floor toward the aft end beyond my reach. attempted to trace the hose from the drain and found it went under the floor in front of the dash, again out of my reach. So I could not ascertain if there is a kink.

Connected a garden hose to the drain line to see if I could push any debris/clog from the line. tried this from both ends/directions with no luck.

I'm thinking of simply installing a new drain hose from the pump to the drain port with more direct routing I believe the hose connected to this port is dedicated to the center ballast bag drain, but I'm not sure.

Before I disconnect the existing hose and install a new one between the pump and drain port, I want to be sure this hose is not part of a shared circuit or other subsystem.

Appreciate any help/guidance.