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    Default Lake wylie fun run

    Well we are here and we love it!!! Got here Saturday afternoon, unpacked and settled in. Took the boat out today and had a blast, back to work tomorrow though ugh. What a beautiful lake!

    Now we need to just meet up with some others like Jay! I definitely need a tour of the lake. A gentleman at the launch by T-Bones informed us of a "ski/wake cove" a little north but there's so many fingers I couldn't find it. There was no one out really so we found a nice spot and rode the channel. Had a great set and the water was awesome. Saw where the sandbar was (assumed it is a sandbar because of the no wake and people standing about waist high) but we didn't go south of Buster Boyd Bridge just stayed north.

    So glad to be here! I don't miss jersey AT ALL!!
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    Default Lake wylie fun run

    Good to hear. I am on the north side of the lake and usually put in at south point boat landing in Belmont. The lake is soooo much nicer south of buster boyd though. The mouth of the south fork river feeds into the lake just north of the sandbar you saw. This causes a lot of mud in the water and trees to be floating up that way. Usually not bad unless it has rained. The tega cay area of the lake is very nice, cleaner water and there is even a park with nice public restrooms that we use if we are down that way. Have fun exploring! The only caution I would take is traveling up north of the Allen steam station, there are a few unmarked very shallow areas if you aren't familiar with the lake. All in all I love the lake and was raised here, so I guess I am partial.
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