I am taking the kids to the BSR Cable Park in Waco, TX tomorrow. My plan is to have my 9 year old daughter get some proper instruction and have her rip the course. She has been wanting to wakeboard for the last 2 summers but I dont have a small child friendly board and didnt want her getting stuck face down and not able to flip herslef over. Also didn't want to invest the money if it's something she wont enjoy doing. She has been very excited and wont stop talking about going to the cable park. As long as she gets the concept down and can ride a little I'll pick her up a board that she can ride behind the boat.

Anyone else use cable parks to help their child or them selves progress in the sport? Is their anything specific I should ask the instructors there to work on with her. Im going to strap up and go for some big air myself so with that being said, I may not be around much after tomo!!