So we took the boat out yesterday, got out about Noon, working fairly good all day (my perfect pass is messing up, anytime i go over 10mph getting a rider up it turns off and just turns off/on multiple times very quickly) i checked all the wiring, and everything seemed fine.)

so about 5 hrs later of, doing a little water sports, chilling at the beach, crusing around, we go for 1 final cruise before going back to the lauch. midway through we shut down the boat to go for a final swim, we are maybe in for 10min. get in, and try to start the boat, and it wont start.

the radio is working fine, the bilge is working, the blower, all electronics fine. i just replaced the battery in the beginning of this season.

i check the shut off switch, seems fine, i make sure the boats in neutral, all that good stuff, seems fine.

the more i tryed to start it the more the ignition was getting looser and looser. the motor was just clicking and wouldnt do anything but click. i was able to turn my key all the way around 360 degrees and even turn it the opposite direction and the boat would start to click.

after being stranded and getting a life from a fisherman, i dropped the boat off to my local shop.

what do you guys think it could be? and any thoughts on that perfect pass? related issue?