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Well hmmm. This blows my mind, 1100 seems like so freaking much lol! Here's what I would really like to happen...I'd like to have everything hooked up to my stock switches so I don't have to use any more freaking bags and pump. I want to be able to switch from surf to wakeboard all with the flip of a switch, and not have to ask people to get up and move, or plug sh!t in. I think that if I went to 600s or 750s I'd of course get a better wake than what I have now (that's over twice as much in the rear lockers!). I know it's won't be a monster like you guys are all doing, but I surf just fine on mine right now as is with just adding that 350 on the left side (and it doesn't fill all the way up, it's maybe 200lbs).

I'm afraid if I go to 1100s then I'll have to get that $330 1180lb front bag. Out the door on wakemakers I'm looking at $800 in that scenario. I don't want to have to fill up my extra bags in the front. The 750s on wakemakers bagbuster is going to cost me $360 (which isn't bad, I'll spend that), just I don't want to have to add the center bag too. I was trying to add a little more weight on the cheap. I don't want to change props or any of that junk either.

Maybe if it's just me and a buddy or something and we're really just surfing, I can fill up my extra stock bags somewhere to add another 550lbs. I don't mind doing it, but when we go from tubing to surfing to wakeboarding, it's amazing just flipping switches compared to my old Launch where I had 5 bags to mess with.
I don't know what to tell you, really. It's a disease and the upgrades can't be stopped in my world. To be clear, my 08 lsv is setup as follows: 400 in the locker. 650 in the bow, 1100 in each locker (braced), dedicated pumps for each locker and the front/ibs are on their own pump but connected together. I have retained the factory switches and have everything out of sight and plumbed in. All I have to do is hit the switches and let it happen. I did have the same setup with the factory single pump and valves and that worked fine with the exception of fill time. Also, I have multiple props, depending on where I am boating (I range from 4000 - 7000' in altitude on my lakes). Unfortunately, one change will likely spark another and that just seems to continue....

It's an expensive sport/ lifestyle, I have found.