So i live in an apartment and was looking for a way to make more space, i used to store the boards in an outside storage closet we have, but it was a pain arranging them to fit. So I did this. (this can also be used for any garage, basement etc.)

1) Goto Lowes (Blue Hawk) or Home Depot (Everbilt) those are the brand differences but same product at those stores, and for $6 each get the 50lb Flip Up Storage Racks.

They look like this:

2) find the stud (for full 50lb capactity, it says it does like 30lb or so with wall anchors) i used a stud finder and mounted (i used the surf board being the widest and started from the top.

3) from the bottom of the plate for the rack, i measured 12in made a mark and that would be for the top of the next plate.