Has anyone else experienced as much trouble as I have out of the factory tower on the Outback/Outback V? I purchased a new outback v in 2010 and remember on the drive home how much the tower flexed and moved from side to side. I believe it is due to the extremely small diameter tubing used, but the factory (rad-a-cage?) tower is no longer a viable option for me. I upgraded to a pair of wet sounds rev series speakers this year and the plastic housings have cracked three times. While I do believe that the speakers should be over-engineered for this type of scenario the tower should definitely be able to handle 1 set of speakers without shaking so uncontrollably. A friend's wakeboard actually flew out of the rack last weekend due to this shaking of the tower (yes it was secured in the rack, the speed was 22 mph and no I wasn't hitting big wakes). It is worth noting that the customer service experience with wet sounds has been phenomenal, but I now must find a permanent solution. I called Skiers choice hoping they would have an old tower from a supra/Moomba laying around (anything with larger diameter tubing) that they could replace my current tower with, but customer satisfaction doesn't seem to be very high up on their list of priorities right now. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. I donít feel that I should have to replace a factory tower on a "wakeboard boat" with an aftermarket tower just to make it safe and enjoyable.