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    Default give the Satori a ride

    those of you who know me a crashman on BOS know it's been an interesting and frustrating year for my skiing- our ski club is temporarily locked up so I've been spending more time freeskiing. The closest lake to me has a 20 mph speed limit so when I saw Radar's now freeski that's intended to be ridden at slow speeds I had to pick it up.

    It does not have the acceleration that a traditional ski has but it also takes much less strength to get up on and ride. It's kind of fun to be able to ski for 25 minutes at a time. It has a lot of flex and feels very "wakeboard" like. The getup is very much like a wakeboard and you can get up with very slow acceleration and line load. It's also very forgiving. My wife absolutely loves it- she prefers the slower speeds but would rather ski than wakeboard.

    for me it's not quite as much fun as skiing around buoys at faster speeds, but I think it will a great toy to have on our boat for open water, slower speeds and for friends that are used to the feel of a wakeboard and also for anyone with some back or strength issues.

    here's Radar's video for anyone who hasn't seen it yet
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    Damn why don't people make videos iPad compatible these days,

    I know apple needs to bend a little too, but I m too lazy to go to my den at 11 pm o watch a ski video on the desktop.
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    That does look kinda fun. I grew up skiing but I doubt I'd be much better on that than my wakeboard. Slalomed once last summer and it wore me out quick. This wouldn't be so bad though by the looks of it.
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