Big thanks to everyone here giving great advice on weighting the boat correctly and the do's and don'ts of wake surfing! Big shout out to Mike, Kane, Moombadaze, Erik (E4Nash) for all the PMs. After finally going rope less and actually tossing the rope in the boat I may just give up wake boarding all together haha

Surf Set Up
1100lb surf side rear
400lb where cooler was removed
400lb center ski locker
400lb in floor of bow

Hyperlite Broadcast - what I learned on
Ronix Koal 5.0 (surf style) - current board

No pic without the actual rope tho! I know, I know... "If there's no pics, it didn't happen..."

My camera man was too busy watching and trying to learn, which he did!!! We had him up and surfing in 3 tries on the broadcast, it was great!!!