Hey gang,

We are planning to go to Antlers Resort and Marina on the Sacramento arm of the lake, 30 minutes north of Redding near Lakehead. We plan to go in mid August for about 5 days. This will be our first trip to Shasta. We will of course bring the boat and will stay at a cabin at the resort (my wife does not like to tent camp).

Here is a link to the resort website: http://www.shastalakevacations.com/

I understand that the water level at Shasta will probably be pretty low at this time of year. Before I book the cabin, I would love some feedback from those that know Shasta well and those that are familiar with Antlers resort as to what this part of Shasta is like, especially when the water is low. Are there good places to find smooth water relatively close to this resort? I don’t want to make the 6-7 hour drive only to find that we cannot find any smooth water on this part of the lake at this time of year. We plan to wakeboard, surf, and yes, do some tubing as well. Also, what is the approximate water temp at that time of year?

If anyone has stayed at this resort, some feedback on it would be great as well.

Thanks in advance!