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    Default Fuel Filter replacement 2008 OBV


    Found some part numbers among the threads here but not for 2008 OBv. so I am uncertain which to get.

    What is the correct part number for the inline fuel filter for a 2008 OBV. Motor is the Indmar 325 Assault, this model has EFI ( does that matter?)

    Thanks in advance!

    2008 Outback V

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    Default Fuel Filter replacement 2008 OBV

    Not wanting to hijack your thread, but a BUMP for you because I'm curious if its the same part number for my 2008 LSV which is the same engine I believe...

    This may not even be my issue, but if its a simple fix I'll try it. While just giving a little throttle, enough to leave the dock with the nose up (maybe 5-7mph), I can feel the engine *missing or a little of a struggle like its not getting enough fuel. Its just a slight hesitation, not enough that it cant wait til the off season, but like I said if its a simple fix i can swap out then im all for it. I do not have this problem at surfing speeds or anytime there after. Just at a slow coasting speed with the nose up is what makes me think I may need a new filter. (Could be totally wrong)

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