Kind of a scary/crazy story from one of my coworkers but I always enjoy hearing how these end. Yesterday morning she was leaving her house, up a long gravel road type of shared driveway. On her way out there was a sheriff car sitting there sort of blocking the road. In the background she could hear sirens everywhere.

He told them there was a manhunt going on in the area for some guy. To leave now or go back to her house and lock herself inside. Yeah right, she left and came to work.

Apparently a neighbor saw some car parked at the end of the driveway earlier in the morning and a guy sleeping inside. They tapped on the window and told him it was private property and to leave. Came back a while later and he was still there so they called the police. Police came, turns out the guy had a felony warrant out for his arrest, and in the middle of cuffing him he fights his way free and bails into the woods, no shoes on and cuffs stuck on one wrist.

Apparently they had a bunch of officers out searching, going door to door, K9 was on the way, etc. Around 2pm they called off the search, or so they said. She was telling me this yesterday and said she was kind of scared to go home until her husband was there.

I guess he met her at the driveway last night and they went home together. Her husband Jay is a great guy and I would describe him as a classic/stereotypical big redneck dude. They get home, he holsters his glock, and decides to inspect their property. Everything seemed fine. Across the driveway is a neighbor's empty mobile home whatever and so he wanders over, noticed the door was cracked open. He apparently has a key to it and knows it should be locked. Goes over and peeks in and sees a blanket in the corner move.

Draws the glock, kicks the door open and yells "I know your #$%! in here, come out now!" Sure enough the guy, apparently a 19 kid, was hiding under the blanket. Drops it to see a glock 45 pointed at his face and his eyes go as big as silver dollars. The kid says he didn't do anything and he's not the guy they're looking for as he stands there with a cuff on one hand. This kid is about 6'4" and 250lbs, all tatted out, still no shoes on... I guess after a few colorful words from her husband he leads the kid outside at gunpoint. The kid is kind of looking around like he's going to bail, then says "are you going to shoot me". Her husband kept his cool and said "that really depends on you".

Jay gets on his cell phone, calls 911, and then marches the kid out into middle of the road right in front of their place and keeps him at gunpoint until the police finally arrive in a blaze of glory.

They hauled him away, took a few statements, a couple officers commended him for playing it cool, and away they went. The kid was a big time heroine addict, busted for all kinds of stuff in the past, really messed up. Sad.

I guess after it's all said and done and they're back in the house, etc he plainly looks over and says "what's for dinner honey?"

Too funny. Nice work Jay.