Ran into an issue yesterday. We'd been on the boat for about an hour or two, and had been surfing for probably an hour or less at this point. The wakeplate would not go up, only down (to the normal cruising position). I did a brief search on here and tried jiggling wires on the lever, looked for a blown fuse, etc, and came up with nothing. Had a boat full of people, so went back to just enjoying the day.

Fast forward to when we were getting ready to go home. Drained everything, and tried the wakeplate again and it worked normally.

My initial thought process (I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet, got home after dark and washed the boat and that was it) is that there is a fluid reservoir for the hydraulics that may need fluid. Possibly due to listing to surf it was low enough that the rams wouldn't engage to move it to the up position? Anyone have any thoughts as to what I should look for? Heading home in a few hours and will begin the search.