I have a 2008 Outback V and Iíve noticed a couple of things.

1. The ballast tanks are not working properly. When I go to fill one tank up, they all fill up. Iíve tried manually turning off the valves on the 2 tanks Iím not trying to fill up but that doesnít seem to work either. Am I looking at buying new solenoids? If so, where can I purchase these without going to a Moomba dealer?

2. I was pulling an adult wakeboarding this past weekend and noticed that every time I turned to the right that the boat was sputtering/chugging along. Would this have something to do with the prop set up?

3. My boat was tied up to the dock on a calm day and I noticed an oil slick out the back of my boat. It wasnít coming out of the bilge pump so I can only assume that it was coming out of the exhaust flaps at the back of the boat. The only time the fuel/oil slick shows up is when a wave comes in on a calm day. Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice on whether this is normal or am I looking at a bigger problem here?

Iíve owned a used J-Craft and a used Seadoo boat over the years and never have I had so much trouble with a boat than I have with this Moomba (I bought it brand new - currently has 159hrs on it.)