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    Quote Originally Posted by bergermaister View Post
    Still chucking about this one..
    me too. think I had the dealer do the first oil change on the 08, did all the rest myself with no issue either. Im really wishing I had done the same this time but didn't have the time available to run it over or get it picked up. oh well, its over with and a one time only problem, so no biggie now. just thought I would share my story so youall could have a laugh or two.
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    Default how my 1st oil filter change happened

    Quote Originally Posted by E4NASH View Post
    Annnnd that is exactly why I let the dealer do it! It is worth whatever the cost to not have to go through that. NO THANKS!
    my theory exactly!!

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    After reading all the horror stories about over torqued filters i was not looking forward to my first oil change this weekend at 16 hours. To my surprise mine came off with no drama! Made sure to only hand tighten the new Mobile 1 M1_302 extra cap.filter . Should be smooth sailing from here on...
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    Many years back someone on the forum had a factory filter on so tight that nothing could take it off and Indmar eventually replaced some engine parts. I can't remember who it was.
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    Default how my 1st oil filter change happened

    That was zegm in 08 and the dealer took an air chisel to the filter on his LS. The filter on that boat is mounted directly to it, no remote location, and the mechanic hit the block with the chisel, breaking off part of the lip it seals to. Guy wanted to use JB Weld to fix it. He finally got the dealer, SC & Indmar to pony ups new motor.

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    I thought at one point after that incident that SC and or indmar had a big quality control ,realignment to supposedly fix this issue? Seems for a couple of years this problem went away? Now it seems this problem is back. Obviously there is someone or something WAY OVER TIGHTENING these filters.

    You never hear of these issues with Cars ,yet this is a very prevailant problem ,either stemming from SC or Indmar... ANYONE know more about this?
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