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    Default Roswell Speaker Combo...One side works one doesn't

    I have the quad speaker bar with lights etc...had something pull my quick connect apart no other damage to the wires that i could see...think it hit dock during a bad storm, but I replace the connectors at boat going to amp and connector going to speakers. Now only passengers side works..switched wire to opposite poles and still nothing...Dont think it is a broke wire, they are taped up and inside the plastic conduit and were not jerked out. Any ideas??
    2008 Outback LS

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    Use a multimeter to check the speakers DC resistance on that side of the combo bar plug. With two speakers in parallel you will have a 2-ohm load or a little less. If you get 2-ohm continuity then it's not internal in the bar. If the circuit is open then it is conclusively within the bar. Use the same logic with the tower harness.
    You simply have to measure at various isolated points to narrow the focus.


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