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    did you stabilize the fuel last fall and is the throttle in the neutral position, if its in the flooded engine position this will stop fuel from flowing to the injectors.
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    Yes, there is a shrader valve on or near the fuel rail. However, I could not hold the valve and turn ignition on, so I just dropped the hose.
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    The fuel was supposed to be stabilized last Fall when I had it winterized, and the throttle is in the neutral position. The engine won't turn over if it isn't.

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    Well I've figured out why the engine isn't getting fuel. The 20amp fuse to the fuel pump keeps was blown and when I replaced it, it blew again. Does anyone know why that fuse would be blowing? Also, if anyone has a link to a schematic of the wiring for a 2005 Mobius LSV that would be huge. I'll attach an image of what fuse is blowing.Fuse.jpg
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    Default Re: 2005 Mobius LSV not getting fuel to the engine

    I had a problem with the wire going to the bottom fuel pump. I bumped it when working on the ballast it would cut in because of bad contact. That would be enough to blow fuses.

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    Fuses blowing is normally due to over current request buy the item its fused with. I would be leaning toward a new pump, its most likely going bad and asking for more then its recommended amperage and this is why the fuse keeps blowing.
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    Ended up taking the boat to the marina, and it was the fuel pump. It had seized up and was causing the fuse to blow. They are letting me purchase the fuel pump myself and will install it for me to save me some cash. Anyone have a good web site to purchase fuel pumps from? I need the INDMAR S556184 fuel pump, and it ain't cheap from what I've found so far...

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    Default 2005 Mobius LSV not getting fuel to the engine

    Have you tried skidim?

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