My amp(s) are in the factory location, on the wall of the port side behind observer seat. Everything is wired nice and snug, but I'd like to put something over both amps and wires to protect them. Obviously I'd want something like a wire mesh or similar that wouldn't restrict what little air flow there already is down there.

Reasoning? When we have a full boat, I'm always paranoid that the stuff people cram in there will either somehow snag a wire and it'll get yanked out, or the amps will get suffocated and overheat when things get stuffed too close to them.

Before the "tell them to leave everything at home" crowd chimes in, I've done that and it's a non issue with our normal crew. However, often we have new people on the boat and inevitably there are purses, backpacks, towels, etc that get crammed under there. I have the room, so I'd much rather just fabricate a protective cage to ease my mind than be a boat nazi that complains when people bring stuff. After all, the idea is to have fun, and I'd rather just do this than get stressed out about it.

So, that being said, who has some ideas?