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    Default Re: Pensacola/Gulf Shores???

    I think you should jump on in

    About 12 hours away!! ...

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    Default Pensacola/Gulf Shores???

    Quote Originally Posted by tgoody14 View Post
    We actually just found a 1 bedroom condo at 40% off for 2 nights at $400!!! Can't best that for waterfront balcony view! Phoenix X beside Florbama, hopefully just out of range from the Hangout Fest to get too rowdy but close enough to jump in there if we're feeling frisky... 😎
    The Floribama is quite the rowdy hangout spot at night...FYI
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    Default Pensacola/Gulf Shores???

    KG we may just do it, were kind of spur of the moment type folks!

    And yea I figured its gonna be a little rowdy since its HangoutFest, but if it gets too bad well get away from errbody and head somewhere else.... Or we might just fit right in LOL
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    The Florabama is always a hot spot. You can see things there that you won't see anywhere else in the U.S.

    Usually, you didn't want to see it.
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