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    Quote Originally Posted by jmvotto View Post
    Chris H.

    Love that setup, bet those sound great on the water. I like the new look of the Rev 8 over the pro 80s

    Thanks bro,
    Thing with these Rev8- they are LOUD, sometimes overpowering everything else. I like clarity and cleanliness when listening to music, It takes tweaking with them an tuning to get them sounding right. I've got some other plans working right now on a system. Right now It sounds good but it could be better. I'm short, so I seperated the pair and left a spot to walk thru. Only thing you can do. Also the swivel clamps are a must when putting speakers on this tower.
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    Default rev10's on a 2012 mojo

    Found this on fb. Awesome looking Mojo hanging Rev 10's.

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    Default rev10's on a 2012 mojo

    Yeah I saw this too...SO SICK!
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    Default Re: rev10's on a 2012 mojo

    Im liking that one

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