Im looking to upgrade my wakeboard this year, but I cant figure out which one. I know everyone says you just need to demo some and find what fits best, but living in southern Minnesota, its really not an option. And being a college student, I cant afford a new board every year, so I really want to make the right decision.

First of all Im a beginner/intermediate rider (just getting in to basic inverts and 360s) and Ive been riding a 09 OBrien Player for the last few years. I ride 100% behind the boat, no cable. Right now Im leaning towards a Slingshot... no one seems to have anything bad to say about them, and I would really like to try a flex board. The Player seems like a very locked in board (quad molded fins) so I want something that rides more loose, but how much of a jump is it going to be if I went with a featureless slingshot? Im looking at either the Kine or the Reflex, it seems like the subtle 3-stage would be the best of both worlds. What are your thoughts on the different slingshots? I also found a 2011 Liquid Force Watson Hybrid... how does that board compare?

At this point Im open to all thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!