2013 Moomba Suction Coolie Buy!
Scroll down to the Ordering Instructions heading for directions on how to buy...

For 2013 well have a new logo!

Available Colors; $5.50 / $6.00 with floatation
  • Metallic Red
  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Black
  • Metallic Silver

Now, for the fun part this year we will also have Metallic Black with optional PINK logo, and Metallic Black with optional LIME GREEN logo!

Cost: $5.50, or $6.00 with floatation US Shipping included - for our International brothers please contact me and I'll get a shipping quote.

Ordering Instructions: PayPal
Send PayPal to ianashton@gmail.com - make sure to include
  • Quantity & Color(s)
  • Name
  • Shipping Address

Ordering Instructions: Check
Send me a PM or email to ianashton@gmail.com and Ill give you my mailing address for payment.

Be sure to include:
  • Quantity & Color(s)
  • Name
  • Shipping Address

Ordering Deadline: May 21st, 2013
Because I'm not a retailer I don't stock these, this is a custom run so make sure you get your order in by the deadline!