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    Default Kicker KMT 60 are awesome!

    I installed the Kicker KMT60's on my 04 XLV and I am pushing them with the Amp Phil from Kicker suggested(Kicker ZXM Amplifier ZXM450.2 Marine Audio) and these things are loud and super clear even @ wakeboard distances got them on Amazon for $335 can't beat the level of sound for that price very impressed!

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    I run these as well and for the cost of them, I can't complain! It's loud on the sun deck though. I've read where others aren't as loud on the sundeck but still good sound wakeboard distance. Not to mention they don't look all that bad either!!
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    I have mine wired into a separate switch so when we are sitting on the beach we usually cut them off and listen to in boat speakers. I have had several boats with different can setups which were more expensive & none have sounded good @ wakeboard distances but these do.

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