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In your experience with the Mojo what has been your absolute best wave setup. I have a decent wave I thought, until this past weekent I jumped on a buddys boat Nautique 210 Byerly Edition and was blown away by his surf wave. That boat is not supposed to produce a wave like that but it was so easy to stay in the pocket almost effortless. The wave had massave push. No way that boat should produce a better wave than the Mojo! What do we need to do to improve the Mojo wave??? Dont get me wrong, the mojo wave is decent but I know there has to be a combination to make it much better. I'm running Drew's setup plus I have a couple of the stock 400's to move around. So far the best wave has been with the additional 400 on surf side seat in the corner and the other 400 under the middle bow seat on the floor.That would be 1870lbs surf side around 400 starboard (might try all 750 this weekend to see if it would give it more push seeems like the nonsurfside weight is what is creating the push) up front IBS 550lbs plus hard tank plus the extra 400. Thats around 3770lbs of ballast only. Any more ideas?
Like Drew said you can get pretty crazy on weigting the boats, i know some people are running 4-5K in there boats, i almost feel like im a minamalist with surfing LOL.

We are going to try a few things this Sunday when we go out, i just got my Second Enzo bag in so i got them for both sides of the boat finally.

SO fare though like Drew is saying is the best wave ive gotten so fare, but I am dealing with 2 other issues on my boat and thats the wake plate and cruise, both being inconsistent.

I will have some new photos come end of the weekend for this thread and some new thoughts.

What i do want to do is run
Surf side Enzo 1500
Hard tank 500
IBS 650
goofy side 400
and throw a 400 under the bow center cusion and see how that is.