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    Default 2013 NW Yearly Moomba / Supra Camping Trip

    Its getting to that time again for the Yearly NW Moomba camping trip.

    I have done this 4 years in a row now.

    10 was at Green Peter and was a big hit.
    11 was at LBC but was late in the year
    12 was at Green Peter again.

    This year id like to try and get more people, some have said July isnt working for them.

    My proposed Date as normal is

    The weekend of July 20th / 21st.

    Whitcomb doesnt let you book more then 4 months out.

    My second proposed date is

    August 17th / 18th

    Let me know what Dates work better for you.

    July at Whitcomb is looking sketchy at best as they have no Saturday checkins open. They have Friday or Sunday yuck. LOL We might be moving this to a new location.

    If you have sugestions for new locations im open to ideas.
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