Here’s my story…. My name is Pierre. I’m 6’3’’, 220 pounds and 49 years old !!

I've been skiing for ever, always on open water, no teacher, so I never learned to ski on the course… I was able once, many years ago, to do 4 buoys on the course. For the last 6-7 years, I have been skiing on a HO System 8. This ski is probably to “much” for me, because I ski at 32 mph. I’ve been told that the Radar Theory, Radar Senate or HO Triumph would be the ski that should fit my needs. I’m afraid of downgrading on a ski, since I’m used to be on an aggressive ski. I don’t want to loose on performance, but I also want to make it easier on my (not getting any younger !!!). I’m very tired after my ride….but I to be honest, I’m not in the best shape also !!

What would be your recommendation?