Initially I was concerned over ordering a Seadek swim platform pad based on recent experiences
posted here, but went forward with the purchase...and all went well. I received exactly what I ordered
5 weeks after initially placing the order. The web site is still a little confusing in that even though you
choose a pad with a logo (we chose the Roo) you still need to "add" it....not logical but oh well. Also,
they send email to confirm measurements but provide a standard design that may or may not match what
you ordered. As I found out it is just to confirm measurements but I think it would make more sense
to send a design that actually reflects what you ordered. Again, not a big deal but can be improved.

It probably took me 3 hours total to pull up old pads, clean goo (used acetone), and put on new pad. I screwed up a little on the install as the pad is close, but not over, the edge on one side...not too bad.