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    Default 4 channel or a 2 channel amp

    I know i am all over the board on speakers but i just sent a check for two pairs of Rev10s.
    With this being said i am currently looking at two amps and do not know what way to go
    I am trying to stay with a name brand amp and not over $400.00.

    the amps are
    Rockford Fosgate P1000x2
    Rockford Fosgate P1000x4d

    what is better a Two channel with two speakers paralleled or a 4 channel with a Channel per speaker?

    What size speaker wire would be best for each application.

    currently i have two sets of speaker wires and i think they are 16 gage They might be 12 gage going to check tonight.
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    Neither of those amps will give the rev10s the 300w rms they are rated for, I would look for an amp that will give each speaker 300-400w a piece. For two pairs most people are running a two channel amp or two four channel amps bridged. The arc audio ks600.2 is pretty popular for your application, just a little out of your budget but I would look for something with similar specs.
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    Generally speaking, a 2-chnl for driving 2 pair of tower speakers has the edge over a 4 chnl. The 2 chnl will allow for a single 2-conductor per chnl to be fished from the amp, up the tower to each pair. With a 4 chnl, you would want to run 4 2-conductors, which equals more cabling and larger holes in the tower and deck. But, you can series a pair and then bridge them on a 4 chnl and the net watts to each speaker is equal to the 4 x output @ 4 ohm. My preferred choice is typically a 2 chnl, but not always.

    Out of those 2 amps, the P1000.2 would only net 250W rms to each.The P1000x4d will only deliver 150 x 4 @ 4 ohm, but will do 500 x 2 bridged @ 4 ohm, so a pair of these would rock!

    I would also suggest the Wet Sounds SD-2

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    Keep in mind that the typical power ratings are at 14.4 volts and you cannot generate 14.4 volts in a boat. It's like horsepower ratings based on jet fuel that you cannot get at the pump. So at a supply voltage of 12.5 volts you typically lose 20 to 25% of the rated power. That is precsisely why you see people running amplifiers over the speaker's RMS/thermal 400 watts to each Rev10.
    I also agree that the Wetsounds SD2 two-channel amplifier is the best option in a single chassis for four total Rev10s. And, the SD2 is Class D which has real advantages.
    Yes, it is a larger investment. However, when compared to the investment in the four Rev10s???


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    I also have to sets of rev 10's on my boat. I use two four channel amps bridged. One amp per pair. I use the Rockford Fosgate 600/4 marine amps. They push my rev 10's pretty good. I would like to have more power but the amp still does a good job. You can get two of the amps for around 500 bucks. There around 250 a pop. Ill probably switch to DD amps one day but there almost twice the price of my Rockford Fosgate amps.
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    Ill probably switch to DD amps one day but there almost twice the price of my Rockford Fosgate amps.[/QUOTE]
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