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    Quote Originally Posted by EarmarkMarine View Post
    As MLA noted, that was the first gen WS EQ. Wetsounds provided rubber inserts to seal the holes but after owners used the gains they often did not re-install the inserts. This became the number one entry point for water. So Wetsounds eliminated the externally available option. While they fixed that they introduced protected switches on the face and cured another corrosion issue. There are numerous other revisions and refinements that followed.
    This is a single sided circuit board (all components on the top side) with limited real estate and very dense coverage so if you are going to include adjustments they must be topside, on the back panel or front panel. Underneath is not an option.

    I have a Krypt for the time being and it does have the little rubber plugs - however EITHER front or back locations would be way better! Kind of thinking the same thing with the printed wiring diagrams on the body of it. Does me no good when they're on top facing the back of the gauge cluster and I don't have a user manual nearby.

    It looked really cool coming out of the box but that was it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E4NASH View Post
    $299? You can get those all day long for $250.

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    lm sorry I just quoted msrp from the following sites at 299.
    wetsounds, earmark, amazon, and monstertower

    yes I found a bunch on eBay for around 250.

    i believe most bought the Krypt for 79 a little over a year ago on a big sale fwiw.
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    Default Help remember what it is

    Quote Originally Posted by EarmarkMarine View Post
    MLA is correct in his assessment of your noise.
    I can give you a sequential step-by-step presciption to isolate and confirm the noise source. Once you isolate the cause the fix is a walk in the park. No more specualtion. Noise is gone.
    Ok thanks. I am however pretty confident that I wired the head unit and eq power and grounds back to the same battery the as the stereo. I may be wrong tho and I will double check Tuesday hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarmarkMarine View Post
    One more detail worth mentioning...One of the keys to creating a well-tuned system with low noise is to avoid placing too much impetus for gain multiplication on any single gain stage of any single component in the signal path. Balance is huge.

    Odin, one of my coworkers, has been doing live sound engineering for years on the weekends and in the evenings. He is so dialed in on the process of managing gain structure. Just imagine what a cluster convergence it is when every new band rolls in with different mics, different gear and different preferences but without knowing the environmental conditions in a particualr venue interfacing with different gear. Boats are a breeze after that.

    Unity gain..... From the mic or instrument amp, to the compressor, to the mixer, out on several effects loops, to the EQ, another Compressor, and then to the amps. I forget a few steps too, but how many gain stages is that?

    Bottom line, the quietest system, (from a noise standpoint) is where EVERY single piece clips at the same time. Tough to do for sure! That is what we call Unity Gain.

    I worked pro sound for years as a local engineer for major touring acts.... Learned years ago the hardest you work are with the local club bands. You are constantly adjusting everything... Get with a pro act and the system seems to literally run itself..... Two of the best I have ever worked with ironically were also the oldest... Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits and Gary Pucket from the Union Gap...

    David is right, after doing pro-sound for nights on end for literally years, a boat system is pretty darned easy....

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